John Dew And Hash Brown: The Multi-Rappers (Side Hustle: Concerts)

John Dew and Hash Brown, collectively know as The Council, have built their brand One Mic into one of Texas premier concert series. As emcees themselves the recognized a need for indy artists to have outlets to perform and build their fan base. In the beginning they took on one of the toughest task for a promoter, promoting an event on a Monday night. Even more difficult promoting a hip hop show filled with independent artists on a Monday night. However, the two took lemons and made lemon pie *shameless attempt at saying something cool* and built a solid following for music lovers in Houston. This led to them moving One Mic to the Warehouse for a monthly concert. Now doing weekend shows at Houston’s leading live music venue, One Mic has become one of the most successful concert series in Houston. Today, One Mic is now drawing attention from major artists such a Raekwon who will be performing at The Next One Mic. By showing love to other artists John Dew and Hash Brown have been architects of a music scene and also built a strong business. If you’re in Houston support One Mic, click the flyer below for ticket information for their next show. -Flip-

John Dew Twitter
Hash Brown Twitter


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