What I Need To Do: ROB JAY

Me and Birdie were having a convo the other day about certain artists who we think are one or two steps away from stardom and what we think they need to do to get there.  That led to this idea, we’re asking some underground artists a crucial question.  What do you need to do to go to the next level?? Hope you enjoy the new segment and if you know of any artists that would be good for this have them hit us up.  First up we have our resident guest columnist Rob Jay in his own words.


I think for me I just have to be more consistent musically and provide more visuals for my fans.  I meet so many people that know who I am and follow my music but don’t know where to go to support me, or where they can go and download my early material.  I’ve taken the first step with starting RobJay.com which really allows all of my music and press and videos to be in a centralized location.  I’m getting more active doing interviews and street videos to because now a days fans really want to know you.  They don’t just want to like your music, they want to like how you dress, they want to know how you feel about various topics etc.  The music is where the initial attraction happens but after that you have to keep them intrigued and wanting to know more.  My recording hasn’t been at a strong enough pace, I need to step that up.  My new goal is to put out music continuously, sometimes I have had these long breaks between projects and I kind of felt like I let some people go who were really trying to be a part of my movement.  Features is another key area, I think once I start doing songs with other artists that are buzzing it is going to expand my reach but it’s been kind of hard to get going b/c it seems like the prices that I’ve heard from artists I would like to work with are unreasonable or artists say they are going to get on a track and never do it.  So well see how that goes.  Outside of that I think I’m at that point where it is time for me to build a team.  I’ve never had a manager, publicist, booking agent, consultant or anyone who just takes care of the administrative duties that come with being an artists.  Outside of my clothing sponsorship with LRG, which was set up by Al Moyer, literally everything that I’ve done has been initiated by me.  From touring, to press, to establishing relationships with other artists.  I think if I can just build a team of some people who are can assist in those areas it will help take things to the next level and free me up to do more music.  But overall, I see myself as an artist with a National buzz this time next year, the music is there and thats the most important part.  Now I need to take care of all of the other stuff.


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