11 Ways To Be Effectively Persistent

As FlipnBirds has began to grow we’ve been receiving a steady flow of artists seeking press, post etc. Which is dope, because that’s the reason we started the blog. However one thing that I’ve noticed is that most artists either 1 can’t follow directions (i.e. Attach a Pic and 2 songs) or have no follow up skills or persistency. There have been some that have been great at this but for the most part it seems like most rappers are sending there music in blindly and have no plans on following up seeing if it was posted or anything. So I came across this article that I wanted to share that I think can be very helpful not only with being featured here but it any press outlet.

11 Ways To Be Effectively Persistent
by Lior Shamir

As an artist growing your business, you’ll often reach out to publishers, labels and prospective fans who may be interested – but not necessarily expecting to hear from you. I’m talking about a cold email (or unsolicited email) composed and sent in a personal, professional and transparent manner. Don’t confuse this with bulk email sent to recipients who did not directly opt-in to your list. That’s spam. From my experience, a cold email will get answered when your message addresses the recipient’s urgent need. Easier said than done, right? Over the years, I developed a simple check-list to ensure that my cold emails rise to the top, get opened, read and responded to.

11 questions I ask myself before I click the ’send’button:

1. Is my email subject line personal, compelling and distinctive?

2. Does the message in the email body list and persist the benefits of communicating with me?

3. Have I included all the facts (not the fluff) about me for the recipient’s reference?

4. Have I demonstrated that I sincerely care about the recipient?

5. Have I clearly expressed what action I would like the recipient to take after reading my email?

6. Can my message be shorter, clearer and more persuasive?

7. Have I strategically timed and conceived my follow-up emails in advance?

8. Is my persistence justified in my follow-up emails or am I coming off as pushy?

9. Do I have a response email ready (at least in my head) if and when the recipient replies?

10. Am I primed for resistance and emotionally prepared for rejection?

11. If the recipient doesn’t reciprocate after several attempts, do I have a plan B?

The next time you reach out to a music manager, music supervisor or venue owner, try running through these questions before you click the ‘send’

button. This small extra step may help you rise above the noise and get you and your music heard.

Please share your own tips!!!

via wearelistening.org


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