Intro- Jmil Kly

Born on May 2, ’88, Jamil Kelley was born and raised in Dallas with the perspective of an outsider and the drive of an ambitious spirit. His moniker, Jmil Kly, represents a new breed of Artistry out of Dallas, Texas.. His first studio project, “Flomogenic” was created over the course of a 9 month period under the small indie label, Servivor Series. He’s written and performed spoken word at several venues around the Dallas area- Including, Brooklyn’s Cafe, Backbeats Cafe and also around the University of North Texas Campus in Denton. Outside of music, he delves in writing, poetry, photography and activism.He is currently a Philosophy and Film student at the University of North Texas…
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Jmil Kly- Flomogenic-


One response to “Intro- Jmil Kly

  1. Yo, this dude is pretty good, man… Im surprised he reps Dallas.. havent heard too many good artists out there..

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