6 Signs That A Rapper is About To Blow

Outside of the decline in sales this is by far the best time to be an indy artist.  The resources are plentiful and all it takes is a couple key supporters and it can happen for anyone.  It seems like every quarter there’s a new rapper that is the one.  The latest up to bat is Big KRIT, I don’t know enough about him to like or dislike him but I appreciate the fact that someone from somewhere outside of ATL or California is getting some major love.  Anyway, I took a look back at some artists of recent time that blew up and compiled this list of  6 Signs That An Artist is About To Blow.  FLIP

1. They Become Regulars in The Top 10 Blogs

Usually when an artists starts showing up in 2Dopeboyz, Nah Right, Rap Radar, Kevin Nottingham etc. on a week to week basis something is up.  I’m not talking about just being in one of the named blogs either.  There are plenty of artists that may occasionally show up in 2 Dopeboyz or Rap Radar.  Each blog has it’s own indy artists that they support.  What I’m speaking on is the Royal Flush; When artist X puts out a song on Monday and by Tuesday it’s everywhere. 

2. They Shoot a High Quality Music Video

Maybe it’s access to better resources or the artists starts making money and invest more.  But for some reason artists usually start shooting some really high quality videos right before they blow.  Stuff that looks like it can be on MTV.

3. Their Mixtape is Hosted By Someone Major

When rappers start putting out mixtapes hosted by Mick Boogie, D.J. Drama, D.J. Green Lantern etc. Take it as another sign that they are bubbling

4. Guest Features

When rappers start having other artists that are already on hop on there mixtapes and albums, it’s another sign…..

5. Major Magazines Start Featuring Them

Once an artists starts being featured in The Source, XXL, Ozone and Vibe it’s on.  Once again I’m speaking on The Royal Flush.  Showing up in all of these magazines on a regular basis. 

6. They Start Touring With Other Hot Artists

Once a rapper has done all the named things above and he’s on tour with Lupe, Gucci, J.Cole etc. all systems are a go.



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