Create An Elaborate Plan

I published this post on my blog two years ago. Creating an elaborate plan may not be for everyone, but someone is going to succeed at doing this. The image below is one of the most important parts of this post.

There has been a lot of discussion on this blog and on the Internet about the end of the album as an organizing principle. Spending mind time on the decision to make albums or to sequentially release singles is missing the point.

Revenue from the sale of music is slowing considerably for everyone. Reoccurring revenue, which is the ongoing stream of revenue you make outside of touring, is going to come from consumers that tune into and fall in love with your brand on the Internet.

To persuade fans to tune in, to fall in love with, and to spend money on your brand, you need an elaborate plan that goes way beyond the album or singles decision. You will have go far beyond creating a MySpace page that features five of your songs and ten pictures of your band. You will have to rethink what it means to be entertaining on the Internet.

The name of your brand, the URL you use, the first word you type, the sequence in which you release your songs, your lyrics, the images you feature, the videos you release, the messages you type, and everything you put into your online presence should be part of an elaborate plan to seduce fans.

The concept of seduction does not have to be sexual. I use the concept of seduction to convey complexity and long term planning. Map out a two year or three year plan that elaborately pulls people into your world of images, poetry, lyrics, stories, music, mystery, hints, clues, energy, characters, plot, storyline, drama, intrigue and excitement.

A regular old website or MySpace page is not the ideal vehicle for building a brand upon. Your name and your image may not be the ideal vehicle to build a brand upon. Start by thinking like the creator of a television series. What do you call it? What is it about? How many “seasons” will it take to tell the story? Make the presentation simple and compelling, but make your plan to seduce – elaborate, intriguing and complex.


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