Week 1 of Artist You Should Know!

FlipNBirds.com brings you the newest installment of Artist You Should Know!

It will be a weekly look at acts that are underrated, making moves, or plain unknown


In our first segment we take a look at Mac Miller. Upon first seeing Mac on rapradar.com’s blog, I thought to myself who did this kid payoff, as they rarely post unknown’s on their site. As of now you should know NEVER judge a book by its cover, as the 18 year old Pittsburgh MC was not bad at all! In fact the MC was relatable and dropping respectable bars for someone who most would consider “hipster rap”. The heavy promotion continued for the young Mac Miller, and kept everyone wondering what kind of mixtape he would deliver stealing his theme for the critically acclaimed KiDS movie.

The mixtape is a mix of catchy hooks and lyrics filled with weed boast and girls galore. Mac doesnt re-invent the wheel and lacks depth, but not to many have the young imagery of Illmatic Nas. One thing that must be noted is Miller’s great ear for uptempo soul and jazzy beats, making this mixtape a car ride must!

With an ever-growing buzz and great concerts across the country he is standing out and emerging as one of the best freshman this year. Lookout for Mac and Follow him : Twitter.com/MacMiller


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